The Tribal Administration Department, headed up by the Tribal Chief and Tribal Administrator, handles the many internal tribal functions that support tribal programs on behalf of the tribal community. Located in the Tribal Administration Building are the following departments:

  • Tribal Planning (roads and infrastructure)
  • Economic Development
  • Grant Writing (to fund and support programs and projects)
  • Finance Department (accounting and payroll functions to uphold the fiscal integrity of tribal administration)
  • Maintenance Department (maintenance on tribal vehicles,buildings, lands, including snow removal and cemetery)
  • Tribal Clerk (main point of contact for Tribal Council, issues hunting and fishing licenses, as well as, elver, urchin and lobster permits by tribal lottery)
  • Tribal Enrollment Clerk (maintains tribal membership records, assists Enrollment Committee with completed membership applications, issues Tribal member ID cards and employee ID cards)

HBMI Tribal Administration
88 Bell Road
Littleton, Maine 04730
(207) 532-4273
Fax (207) 532-2660