The University of New Brunswick has an English-Maliseet dictionary, which you can view here. Located below you will find a number of words and phrases in our Native Language.

In September 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families awarded an $82,000 grant to The Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians as part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Native Language Project.

This grant was an uncompetitive grant as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact COVID-19 had on indigenous communities. This award targeted Maliseet/Wolastoqey Latuwewakon preservation with funds allocated for Language Coordination, Research, Publications, and Technology.

The program has produced several latuwewakon aids, including a daily Maliseet/ Wolastoqey audio recording "Maliseet/ Wolastoqey Word a Day", a Wolastoqey Latuwewakon website in mid-April 2023, two 15-minute online classes offered daily fall of 2022 produced traditional songs into music sheets and language puzzles.

The Wolastoqey Latuwewakon group was able to learn 61 words and phrases out of 62 in three months. The research documented stories, traditional activities, recorded Maliseet Elders, accessed the field notes of Karl V. Teeter from Harvard University. The 1983 field notes of Dr. Teeter with the aid of Wolastoqey Elder Dr. Peter Lewis Paul to document stories along the Wolastoq (aka St. John River in New Brunswick) in a book named "Tales from Maliseet Country."