Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians Social Services and Indian Child Welfare Departments are located within the Village on Tribal land. Our Social Services Department Works one-on-one with members of our Tribal Community. Social Services programs include:

  • LI-Heap & Weatherization Services
  • Child Care
  • General Assistance
  • Clothes Closet
  • Homemaker Services
  • Transportation
  • B T I O and Miscellaneous Assistance

General Assistance (BIA Program)

application required. Income based, and one must comply with Job Service and apply at your local municipality for assistance, before we can assist and be actively looking for job. Any payments will be made directly to applicant, and amounts are pro-rated based on date of completed application.

Burial Assistance (BIA Program)

Application required and this is income based and other resources/ life insurances have to be considered. Local municipality application documentation is required. Max amount is $2500.00

Child Welfare (BIA Program)

This program is for parents that are in need of emergency assistance for their children, that have applied for TANF/SSI. Payments will be made to the vendors, where assistance is needed. Documentation is required showing the application has been done and is pending. Requirements match the General Assistance criteria.

Child Care Development Program (DHHS)

  • Child care is income-based and is for parents that are working/ attending school.
  • Application required, proof of income/school hours
  • Day care providers are required to get State Bureau of Investigations/State DHS background checks.

LiHeap (Dept of Energy)

  • Applications required and there are income guidelines.
  • ECIP - is a part of the LiHeap application, where you can receive
    emergency assistance for Electric disconnect or for fuel if your tank is
    ¼ or less.
  • Weatherization – If eligible home owners are able to get assistance with roof repairs, broken windows,doors and plastic.

Emergency Assistance through Tribe

  • Maximum amount is $500.00 within 5 a year period.
  • Must provide income and receipts to show a need.

Elder Fuel

  • Elders must apply and if they are eligible for LiHeap they will receive 250 gallons of fuel from November through March.
  • Elders not eligible for Liheap will receive 500 gallons of fuel November through March.


Mailing Address

13-2 Clover Circle
Houlton, ME 04730